Citizens Union 2014 Primary Election Voters Directory

Welcome to the online Citizens Union 2014 Primary Election Voters Directory!  Download it Here

On Tuesday September 9th, 2014 registered voters in New York will head 
to the polls for the Primary Election. Citizens Union's Voters 
Directory helps voters by providing a comprehensive overview of the 2014 
party primary elections, including voting and registration information and 
listings of every contest for all races on the ballot. 

Citizens Union also evaluates candidates in certain races and issues 
preferences. This page contains information regarding each of the 
15 races that were evaluated, accessed through the links for each 
district below, and indicates our preferred candidates in bold. 

elections are available; please note, however, that due to limited 
capacity, Citizens Union is not able to evaluate every race taking place 
in New York City.

past preference and endorsement decisions
 are also available.

Have questions about voting and registration? 
Find information here.